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Alison McCrary

Dr. Juarez is professional, respectful, patient, and courteous. This was my first visit to him and I was impressed with his level of knowledge, attention to my concerns, and thoroughness of the initial examination. I have been to several chiropractors in the past and never had one who was so complete, caring, and detailed. He took his time, asked thoughtful questions, and was very relational. I felt comfortable with him. Dr. Juarez has a great attitude and is connected to the community. As a newer chiropractor in practice, I had some initial concerns about choosing him as my chiropractor before going and now I will recommend him to all I know. He knows chiropractic care and has a great holistic approach to healing. His office was very clean, orderly, and new. His office was convenient to get to by public transportation, bike, car, or walking. I highly recommend him to anyone in the Chicago area.

kenya ‎ - Dec 13, 2011

Dr Juarez is very professional and takes time to inform patients about ways to relieve pain and overcome their conditions I would recommend him to any paitent who is a seeking a true chiropractor who really cares about his patients.

Rich ‎ - Sep 20, 2011

Great doctor at very reasonable rates for those without insurance. Dr. Juarez helped me sort out back pain thats been haunting me for more than ten years. The pain has not come back and I am very pleased. He not only gave me adjustments, but he also provided me with good advice to keep pain free. Im really not into doctors but I do see chiropractors every once in a while. Dr. Juarez is as good as any I've been to, except more caring, polite and affordable!

Jessica ‎ - Jul 26, 2011

Juarez Chiropractic is THE place to go for your chiropractic needs! Treats all kinds of injuries from herniated discs to treatment of migraine headaches! I have been going to Juarez Chiropractic since March and will never go anywhere else!

Candice ‎ - Mar 25, 2011

I feel great! After years of being in pain and not knowing where to turn, I tried Chiropractic and can't believe how good I feel. Dr. Juarez really knows his stuff! He is very devoted to his patients!

HB ‎ - Mar 21, 2011

Dr. Juarez is great - he is friendly, caring and attentive. Dr. Juarez is very enthusiastic, knowledgeable and passionate about giving proper, personalized care and teaching healthy living. I've been a patient for a 3 weeks or so and feel overall healthier. I'm sleeping better, getting more exercise and am generally more motivated to take good care of myself!

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