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John R. 1/19/2014

This place knows how to treat its customers. The offices is clean, very well kept, and most importantly, the service is very informative and tailored to you. As an athlete, whenever I have a problem I can always rely on Dr. Juarez to help me in answering not only how to fix it, but what caused it and the fundamentals on how to stay away from that injury in the future. To be completely honest, my interest in chiropractics has grown into a fascination that has now caused me to pursue a license as a chiropractor all thanks to the explanations and amazing recovery I've gone through with the help of Dr. Juarez.

Amanda P. 1/8/2014

Dr. Juarez and Ana are the best! Ana is the best massage therapist, she is great you can tell she loves her job and knows what she is doing. Dr. Juarez is a great doctor. I had back pain for years and after a couple visits the back pain went away. I was suffering from migraines and with the help of Ana and Dr. Juarez they are under control!
They keep the office very clean I have never seen dirt on the floors. I recommend them to everyone!

Let V. 12/14/2013

I suffered from planters fasciitis pain for about 3 years, it felt like knives going through my heels! I seriously considered switching careers (I work retail) I didn't think I would be able to work this holiday season! I had visited podiatrist and all they did was give me cortisone shots that would wear off and leave me in worse pain... I seen Doctor Juarez, and after the first visit started feeling better. I seen him 3 more times and I feel 100 percent healed from this horrible condition!!! Thank you Dr. Juarez, you are a miracle healer!

Luz T. 12/31/2013

After my first visit, I knew I came to the right doctor. This year I've been getting all types of injuries so I try to do research and see a doctor that is affordable but knows what he's doing. I felt very comfortable knowing I was in the right hands. Walked out of there feeling 50% better just after the first visit. Will definitely keep going back.

The office is just off 47th street, very cozy waiting area and friendly environment.

Yolanda B. 9/27/2013

Just left my first visit & I'm feeling better already!! I've been in constant pain for a while & he literally has me feeling better! He's very attentive to his patients! If you're looking for a chiropractor, Dr. Juarez is a must!!

Yolanda B.

Sabrina S. 9/19/2013

I saw Dr. Juarez for chronic neck pain I've been dealing with for years. Being the first chiropractor I have ever visited, I was filled with anxiety but Dr. Juarez addressed my issues and was very knowledgeable not only with his practice, but with exercises I can do at home, which has GREATLY improved my condition. Thank you for taking the time to help me!

Joey P. 8/14/2013

Great experience dealing with both Anna and Dr Rod.
I was so happy with my personal experience I purchased gift certificates for my mom and sister.
By the way, they loved it as much as I did!!!!

Angelique K. 7/9/2013

I bought a Groupon for 3 massage/chiropractic services and have already had one appointment. The space is very nice and Dr. Juarez is friendly, knowledgeable and attentive. They allow you to book appointments online too, which is really convenient. My massage was with Ana who was delightful and good at what she does. Check them out, it's worth it!

Zenaida A. 5/29/2013

I've seen Dr. Juarez about four times already and really like him. He listens to my concerns and has been working with me to relieve the pain in my neck and lower back.

I've also been there a few times for a massage and Ana is just PHENOMENAL!

Jacob B. 4/27/2013

I have been going to Dr. Juarez for the past 2 months and there has been so much improvement on my back damaged from a car accident I was told I might need surgery but Dr. Juarez has been helping so that does not happen and I can definitely say with his treatments that I feel confident that I won't have to go through surgery he is very kind and genuine and I feel like a friend than just a patient when after my healing is done I will still return for adjustments

Sue S. 4/18/2013

Anna is a wonderful person and does amazing massages!! She is very pleasant and professional. She is unique in her touch which you can tell if you have had several massages from several different people. More importantly, you can tell the education she received by the way she applies her knowledge and hands to the sore areas.

Dr. Juarez is also amazing!! His facility is very clean! Dr. Juarez is clean cut, well spoken, and very educated in his profession. Additionally, he spends the time to explain your personal situation and provides examples, suggestions, and recommendations. Ever have a doctor that looked like he/she were too busy to listen, didn't make eye contact, and just tried to send you on your way after a few hmm mmmhmms? Not Dr. Juarez . You're his best interest on his clock!

Overall, the experience at his facility (with an injury) is not a drag. In fact, I haven't been so excited to go to a doctor's appointment as I am when I see Dr. Juarez and Anna. Together these two are a phenomenal team!!!

K.Adriana J 11/11/2012

I do not think I could have gotten a better first-time chiropractic experience than that of Juarez Chiropractic. Dr. Juarez is an exceptional Chiropractor genuinely concerned about the physical and mental well-being of his patients. At Juarez Chiropractic it's always about the patient!

Dr. Juarez acknowledges the everyday stressors in ones life and does his best to help lessen the impacts it has on his patients-even if it means going over a simple breathing exercise. His adjustments are painless and provide instant relief-seriously, I've left his office feeling like a million bucks! If you're looking for a place to feel relaxed, get informed about your health, and feel instant relief, Juarez Chiropractic is the place to go!

Michael K. 11/10/2012

EXCELLENT PLACE TO GO!!!!!!! I go here now and forever, I have been suffering from back pain for years now, when my wife told me to go get help, I finally listened. Im extremely glad I did, Not only does getting an adjustment feel awesome, but Ana the massage therapist was able to work out all the knots in my shoulders and back which previously caused me so much pain. I cant believe I wasted all this time in pain when I could have relief this easy. If your in back pain, dont suffer, do yourself a favor and go here!! By the way, I play bass guitar in a band, they massage your arms and hands, totally removing pain & stiffness and literally increased my movement and speed!!!

Hilary H. 11/9/2012

I was a patient of Dr. Juarez's when he was a student at National University in Lombard. My sister-in-law is a chiropractor and encouraged me to go to the university for my chiropractic care.

Dr. Juarez was always informative, professional, and he always took the time necessary to address my concerns. Having seen many different chiropractors before, Dr. Juarez's adjustments are among the most gentle and, I feel, the most accurate. I like the technique he uses and always found myself feeling better after my appointments with him.

Now I just wish I lived closer so I could get regular chiropractic adjustments from him!

Jeanette R. 8/12/2012

Dr. Juarez has seriously changed my everyday life. I was dealing with mid and lower back pain for about 2 years and it was so uncomfortable, not to mention painful. Dr.Juarez really took the time to listen to my issues and explain to me what steps would be necessary to fix them. After only a few adjustments I am feeling amazing.

The things I really appreciate about Dr. Juarez:
1. He is definitely affordable, I was always hesitant about seeing a chiropractor because I always hear about how expensive they can be but if thats your reason not to see a chiropractor give Dr.Juarez a try.
2. He is friendly and professional. He converses with his patients and tries to get know them in order to form a good Dr/patient connection.
3. He knows what he is doing and gets straight to the point.
4. Free Parking outside.
5. Relaxing environment in the office.

Jessy W. 3/7/2012

I have been going to Dr. Juraz for almost a year now. He's kind, very professional and simply wonderful! Place is really cozy, FREE parking outside.

I've had herniated disc issue for a while, and when I'm in pain, the pain is pretty intense. No treatments seem to work well long term. Luckily, I found Dr Juraz on yelp and decided to give him a try. After few adjustments, I've seen dramatic improvements. Now i go here to get my regular massages. His office is so close to where I live, it just make sense to make this a regular. For massages, ask for Denise!! Denise is AMAZING!! She has the most gifted and magical hands that heals your pain and really work on your problematic area. I love massages and also pick. tried a dozen of different places in the past. No one tops Denise. She is truly one of THE BEST. She's available by appointments only. Ask for $40 special for 1st time clients. Great Deal can't miss!

Jessica C. 7/26/2011

Juarez Chiropractic is the place to go. I had a slipped disc and he provided the proper treatment and care that I needed in order to heal. He even reduced the number of migraine headaches that I have. Would never go anywhere else!

Updated 10/02/2011

Juarez Chiropractic is the best place to go for your chiropractic needs! Dr. Juarez really caters to your needs. Everything from adjustments to migraines to massages are offered.

Ankur D. 6/4/2011

Dr. Juarez really took time out to listen to my complaints which was a refreshing change as compared to other doctors. I came in with neck pain and after only a couple of visits it is virtually gone!

Tony C. 8/16/2011

GREAT DOCTOR! No more back or neck pain, massage and acupuncture is a most!

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